“You’re moving to Spain, again?!”

I’m finally going back! After studying abroad in Alicante for a semester, and bawling the entire bus ride to the airport, my wanderlust only grew upon my return to the States. I knew I needed to find a way back to Spain. I began brain-storming some ideas, looking into international graduate programs, internships, and even … Continue reading “You’re moving to Spain, again?!”


My Spanish Teachers Lied to me…

Buenas! I have to warn you that today’s post is written a tad out of frustration because in the 25 days that I’ve lived in Spain, I have discovered that my high school and college Spanish teachers have done me wrong. Ok, that was a little dramatic. I’m not saying that they totally taught me … Continue reading My Spanish Teachers Lied to me…

No Pasa Nada

Hola amigos! It's been about two weeks since my last post, so I figured it was time for some updates! Since the last time we chatted, I traveled for 24 hours (with the time change) to Alicante, Spain, moved in with my lovely host family, figured out how to use public transportation, and started intensive … Continue reading No Pasa Nada